A-line dress

As the name suggests, the narrow width, forming a natural line as letter A.

a line wedding dress

Ball gown wedding dresses
The most typical wedding style with narrow upper and ball gown skirt.Like the style worn by the Western tradition of dance, similar with Snow White skirt.

ball gown wedding dress

Collumn wedding dresses
Simple lines, is straight-type design.If you are looking for a close-fitting but not tight, then it is entirely up to your favorite.

Fishtail wedding dress

As the name suggests is a fishtail bridal dresses.Its blouse and hip parts are tight, from top to bottom and gradually develop into a fishtail hem liberalized.

mermaid wedding dresses

A modified version of the a line dress
A dress with the same narrow width, forming a natural line dress letter A, but A word skirt skirt modified version will be wider.

a line bridal dresses

Knee-length wedding dresses
No long and mopping the floor skirt is to the knee-length skirt.

knee length wedding gowns

Trumpet opening bridal dresses
If the A-line skirt with a fishtail skirt together to make a design like? Skirt is definitely a trumpet-shaped upper body is close, but from the beginning of the thigh, skirt horn opening show.

mermaid wedding dresses

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