Wedding season come quietly.And the effect of the wedding gradually turn out for us.Every elements are paid more attention,from large wedding theme to a small sign to the guests, each link contains a bit hard. That is reason we should pay more attention to our dress up tips.A grasp of the main colors of the wedding, and the right selection of jewelry,would make you be popular for the new couple and guest!


Each wedding has its “basic charm”, this is the overall grasp of new people for their own wedding.Among this,the color has become an indispensable important element. From the invitation card color to the stage mouthwatering desserts food color, to the elegant floral mouthwatering color.If you can get the “tacit agreement” on your jewelry with the guest dress, the whole wedding will be closer to the theme.

 Red Wedding

red tie/red bow-knot/red bridesmaid dresses/red flowers

 Today, the red color has long been not just a habit of a traditional wedding.  Red has always charming by the ancient.Burgundy quietly climbed the people’s hearts.And even last year pantone color of publication, “Aunt Red” is also popular mess.


red rose/red bow-knot/Burgundy wedding dress with flower/red elements on table

 There is no doubt that the red tones of the wedding is indeed very tall, deep, introverted, and full of enthusiasm. Such  red seems very match with red carnelian .

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