In addition to pure white wedding dress, the wedding also need another two gowns.So,you have to choose another two dresses.But when you choose it,you have to consider the colors of the dresses.It is better to choose a color well match with the skin color.

Fine-skinned person
There is no problem for the bride who has a fine shin .Thay can choose any color they like.It is more convenient.


Brides with dark skin
Suggestions some bright colored formal dress or evening dresses.You can create a healthy atmosphere, as usual blacks in the streets, wearing bright clothing to highlight the beauty of a conflict and eye-catching.But, you must have an average , healthy dark skin.So that,the effect of gloss could highlight your charming qualities.

sequinbeaded evening dresses
sequinbeaded evening dresses

Brides with dull yellowish skin
As far as possible, do not select purple, sapphire blue, cinnamon, lotus root color, copper and gold … such colored dresses would make you more yellowish.Because , purple, sapphire blue will make the dull skin more sallow.Unless ,You have a white skin,otherwise, copper and gold would make you more dull,and completely unable to appear out of focus.

long sleeves wedding dresses
long sleeves wedding dresses

So in addition to pay more attention to the pure white wedding dresses ,you also have to select the evening dresses carefully.Even if the dress design with a combination of your body, as long as an unsuitable color would make you a looser on the wedding.So pity!

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