Evening dress is that people in a certain social environment long-established garment specification, is the interaction of various conditions recognized public deportment and instrumentation guidelines. It retouch life, regulating relationships, it represents a certain social acceptance and support in behavior. By ceremonial clothing, people build social interaction constitute the corresponding order. In a certain historical period, it contains the well-known customs and aesthetic living habits. It is the convention, is a tacit understanding among the members of society. In a certain social environment, people’s interests, hobbies, ambitions convergence, use, activities, affect the purpose of consistency, fashion trends, the role of traditional practices and so fully integrated into ceremonial clothing to make ceremonial clothing style shape, pattern color, texture of the material, fabrication, clothing accessories, etc.

Ceremonial clothing is clothing to the people through the performance of a technique of human beliefs, ideals and emotions. Through respect for tradition and lineage, in the form of evening dress, colors and other aspects of technology, practicality and rationality will have conflicting factors to a certain extent, the more performance and extend the traditional meaning. Regardless of its form or with, the way they evening dress, are a continuation of a particular nation inherited from generation to generation of habits, customs, moral as well as specific cultural connotations, reflects the performance of traditional culture in the form of long-term life of the nation mentality and social habits.

(iii)Identification of evening dress
Same with other clothing, ceremonial clothing with a logo of. evening dress the identity of the wearer, class, occupation, religious beliefs and so has a clear identity and limiting.In today’s society, this tendency gradually decline.

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