Many newcomers focus on the form of the wedding specially.Thenhow to arrange a romantic beach wedding?

1,Beach wedding venue
The key of a wedding is the wedding venue.A beach wedding is certainly to choose a coastal city as the venue.

2,Wedding melody mood
A romantic beach wedding is always popular among a lot of girls.All inspired of a beach wedding comes from the blue ocean. Blue is definitely sing the theme of beach wedding.And you can choose the blue as the main color of your wedding,like nave bridesmaid gowns.

beach wedding with red bridesmaid dress


a formal beach wedding with maid in red bridesmaid dresses and flower girls in white dress

3,Wedding decoration

If you want to hold a new perfect beach wedding, then to find a hotel near the sea or the resort to contractors is the most convenient way. In the wedding scene can be light blue and pure white color.Also ,the table and other element can be decorated with the veil , flowers arch. What;s more ,add some white roses and small silver bells in the details, with a simple but elegant meal on the table some of the fill, fine tableware, and prepare some creative floral and seating cards,will give guests impressed.

wedding element

blue wedding decotation

4,Beach wedding time
General beach wedding is mainly holding in late spring, summer and early autumn .It is best to held at dusk.Because the sun would not be too harsh; and the beginning of the evening is romantic.

5,The new couple’s dress-up
Many brides want the wedding day wearing a long lively trailing wedding dresses,holding a fresh and natural hand holding flowers, slowly walking to the groom. A romantic beach wedding always make people feel good; the bride can walk barefoot on the beach wearing a beach wedding dresses, or wearing a pair of sandals and slippers.It is also not necessary for groom to wear a formal suit . white or colored linen leisure suit will dress up the whole people to tall and handsome and not rigid.


beach wedding with bride wearing short bridal dress and groom in a daily cloth

6,Do protection work
Ultraviolet radiation of beach will be very powerful.The water and wind will be damage to the skin and hair in different degrees.So,it necessary for the couple to do do protection work before the wedding.

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