November 22 ,Sofia Vergara wore a Zuhair Murad exclusive design wedding dress entered the wedding hall .Almost all the spectators are amazing zbout it. Moreover, recently,the brightest actresses also have lost to Zuhair Murad on several games attached the red carpet.There is no women would refuse to marry a man who holding Zuhair Murad wedding dresses propose for you ?d35e397a1e755e1cc31

Sofia Vergara wearing Zuhair Murad on wedding

How charming Zuhair Murad it is? Sofia Vergara announced the engagement in the Christmas Day last year.And this year,she is embarked on a marriage.On the wedding day, 40+ Sofia Vergara wearing this Bra princess wedding dress,make the groom more happy.


Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello’s wedding

This wedding dress inlaid with many crystals as a decorative .The delicate embroidery and white wedding seem like totally natural, like a white swan wings. This wedding dress is designed by Zuhair Murad specially .


Zuhair Murad Fall 2015 high set models show finale

Of course,Zuhair Murad can not stop at the wedding gowns. In the muscic festival of United States this year,hot Jennifer Lopez served as moderator.She wear a dozen sets of dress, including three from Zuhair Murad.


Red perspective from Zuhair Murad design

This perspective red evening gown is considered more conservative style of Jennifer Lopez.


In the autumn show of Zuhair Murad, one of the brand’s main color is red,several lace outline ,crystal mosaic style are very charming.

Black series of formal dresses gives us a mysterious qualities.Wearing a crown of models makes them look more high cold than wearing red line and blue line .

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