Romantic and elegant gray has become one of the most popular wedding color.gray bridesmaid dresses will undoubtedly become the first choice for stylish bride! Dignified and low-key colors neither can grab the bride’s thunder ,also can good show bridesmaids elegance.

The same color with different styles

One of the tips to match the most simple gray mix effect is to choose different styles of the same color.The same color bridesmaid dress can ensure visual comparison of overall unity of bridesmaid group.And different styles of bridesmaids dress also can highlight personality. At the wedding we can see a variety of different styles of presentation, unique and beautiful.

same color with different styles of gray bridesmaid dresses
The same color with different styles of grey bridesmaid dresses

Creative mashups

The bride who have fashion sense, if you want more breakthrough, in addition to the use of combination effects of different fabrics, also can match gray, blue or pale pink. When these colors are gray met, there will soften the effect, not only showing endless gentle and feminine, but also to create the most cutting-edge fashion sense of the most fashionable color combinations.

The same color with different styles
The same color with different styles

After reading these mix style ,act quickly to your bridesmaids and sisters pick a suit their bridesmaid dresses now! Let them accompany you married !

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