CORAL coral

Coral is as bright colors like coral, mostly refers to a pale pink with cream tones. Coral is coming this season popular one pink, often gives a sense of freshness and mystery, attract consumer interest, is a good choice in hue.

BURGUNDY Burgundy burgundy

Burgundy red burgundy is one, because with the French Burgundy as Burgundy wine produced similar named color, similar to maroon. Burgundy wine red in recent years is very popular in the 16 spring and summer women’s design still plays and important role.

 CORAL coral BURGUNDY Burgundy burgundy
CORAL coral BURGUNDY Burgundy burgundy

Blue with purple color, with the background in recent years evolved into a navy blue by designer-friendly, indigo was like this series offers designers a new choice.

Teal provides a new fashion colors for women’s design increases the freshness and retro look.


PERSIMMON Persimmon Orange
Persimmon color can be said that 16 years of spring and summer color dark horse, it looks like put some orange powder, allowing you to become more vibrant palette

HAZY TAUPE hazy gray meters
Hazy meters deeper gray ash, highlighting neutral spectrum.


MOONSTONE BLUE moonstone blue
In cool colors, the moonstone blue is an exciting new popular fashion colors.

Hydrangea blue and color play a vital role in the season fashion color, you can add some commercial appeal for the overall design



yellow powder

PERIWINKLE periwinkle
Periwinkle blue and one purple color, because color and periwinkle similar named, it is one of this season’s most popular blue, it appears throughout the summer colors will brighten lot


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